Yoga Classes at Lotus Yoga

I teach the Gentle Yoga class at Lotus Yoga in Columbia City, every Thursday morning 9:30 – 10:45 am.

This class is suitable for anyone looking for a less physically active practice.  Some students are recovering from injury or need to adapt a yoga practice to their body’s specific needs.  Some students come for a more contemplative practice, and others come because sometimes it just feels good to spend more time on the floor!  In my yoga classes “gentle” does not necessarily mean “easier”  — this class allows students to go deeper, because by slowing down our movements, it allows us to become more subtle and refined in our awareness and connection with ourselves.

I organize my teaching loosely along themes.  In 2018, I’ll be teaching ahimsa (compassion/non-harming), the foundation of yoga practice first. Then, we’ll move through the kriya yoga series in late winter and spring, going through:

* tapas (disciplined practice)

* svadhyaya (self-study)

* isvara pranidhana (surrender/humility/letting go)

I love the conversations that arise in this class and the depth of reflection and practice that students bring!  Come join our community for practice and reflection.

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