Mt Baker Community Classes


About Community Yoga

I teach every Monday night, 6-7:15 pm, and I organize my teaching into 6-week themed series.  You are welcome to drop-in to any class (there are almost always some students dropping in), or you can sign-up for the series.

Over the first few months of 2018 I will be using the yoga philosophy of Kriya Yoga  – practice in action – to guide our practice.  Kriya Yoga gives yoga students interested on working toward positive change a set of steps to follow – tapas (practice/discipline toward positive change), svadyaya (self-study) and isvara pranidhana (humility/surrender/letting go).  But before we dive into working on transformation, I want to return to the foundational principal of yoga and so many contemplative practices – compassion.  The first principal of practice in the Yoga Sutras is ahimsa, translated as non-harming, compassion, or kindness.  So for our first series of 2018 we will return to the foundation, practicing movement and meditation with compassion toward ourselves and others.  After those six weeks, we will continue into studying the kriya yoga practices.

Yoga of Discipline (Tapas)

Feb. 19 – March 26

Monday evenings, 6 – 7:15 pm

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In this series, we will be exploring what a dedicated practice looks like – where we find our edge of growth physically or mentally or emotionally. Tapas is the first of three steps in a practice meant to help us transform or replace harmful patters (called samskaras in the yoga texts) with more positive ones.

Translated as variously as heat, purification, transformation, clarity, austerity, enduring hardship and building endurance… tapas is about hard work! It is about dedicating ourselves to practice, whatever practice we need, and sticking with it. In our culture, where we often take things to extremes, these concepts can be taken to their harmful ends – “purification” can become food denial and support eating disorders; “endurance” can be about taking our bodies to physical extremes that cause injury. However, the other extreme – not trying, daily emotionally eating while binging on bad TV – is also not the foundation for making positive change in my life. My trepidation comes here, with hoping that together – despite the cultural water we swim in than encourages self-loathing and taking things to extremes – that we can find the middle path of tapas together.

This series is especially good for anyone who would like support in developing a home practice. Home practice might mean getting out a yoga mat at home. Or a meditation cushion. Or working mindfulness into daily life with a few deliberate deep breaths before stepping out the door in the morning.   Come ready to practice together Monday nights, and also receive support in exploring a daily practice.

Yoga of Self-Study (Svadhyaya)

April 2 – May 7

Monday evenings, 6 – 7:15 pm

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Yoga of Surrender (Isvara Pranidhana)

May 14 – June 18

Monday evenings, 6 – 7:15 pm

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Classes are held at the Mt. Baker Community Club, 2811 Mt Rainier Dr S, Seattle, WA 98144.

Most weeks we practice downstairs in the spacious, historic ballroom.  The third Monday of the month we have a more gentle and restorative practice in the cozier upstairs space.

Class Schedule and Prices

Although class series (usually six weeks along) are loosely organized around themes, drop-ins are always welcome!

Classes are every Monday night except holidays or otherwise announced cancellations, 6 – 7:15pm.

Drop-in suggested rate for all classes is $12-$15, sliding scale.  If you register for a series the rate is a discounted $60 for all six classes.

It is important to me that yoga instruction be accessible and affordable to everyone.  If the price is too high, you are welcome to pay whatever is possible and feels fair to you.  If you are able to pay the higher end of the scale, I appreciate your help in keeping my pricing flexible.

Preparing for Class

Come wearing comfortable clothes and bring your own mat if you have one.  There are always a couple available to borrow, too.  I also have blocks and blankets available to borrow, and of course you’re welcome to bring any props that will support your practice.  Temperature varies in the building, so layers are good.  And it’s best to avoid eating a heavy meal before practicing yoga.